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GE WB39X10003 Cooking Tray for Microwave review and best price

GE WB39X10003 Cooking Tray for Microwave

GE WB39X10003 Cooking Tray for Microwave description

This tray ONLY fits model numbers listed here. If you are unsure about compatibility please email us with your model number BEFORE ORDERING.

Measures approximately 12 1/2 inches in overall diameter. Outside diameter of turntable track is 10 1/4 inches.

This microwave tray replaces G.E. part #'s


EMO2000C01BB, EMO2000C01CC, EMO2000C01WW
EMO2000C02BB, EMO2000C02CC, EMO2000C02WW
JES1238WH001, JES1238WH002, JES1238WH03
JES1246BH001, JES1246BH002, JES1246BH03
JES1246WH001, JES1246WH002, JES1246WH03
JES831WB002, JES831WB01
JVM1410BC001, JVM1410BC002, JVM1410WC001
JVM1410WC002, JVM1420BB01, JVM1420BB02
JVM1420WB01, JVM1420WB02, JVM1421BC002
JVM1421BC01, JVM1421WC002, JVM1421WC01
JVM1430BD001, JVM1430BD002, JVM1430WD001
JVM1430WD002, JVM1440AA01, JVM1440BA01
JVM1440BD001, JVM1440BD002, JVM1440BD002
JVM1440WA01, JVM1440WD001, JVM1440WD002
JVM1441BD001, JVM1441BD002, JVM1441WD001
JVM1441WD002, JVM1441WD003, JVM1442BA01
JVM1442BA001, JVM1450AA01, JVM1450BA01
JVM1450BC001, JVM1450BC002, JVM1450WA01
JVM1450WC001, JVM1450WC002, JVM1451AA01
JVM1451BA01, JVM1451WA01, JVM1460AA01
JVM1460BA01, JVM1460SA01, JVM1460WA01, JVM1460WA001
LVM1420BA01, LVM1420BA02, LVM1420BA03
LVM1420WA01, LVM1420WA02, LVM1420WA03
RVM1425BA004, RVM1425BA01, RVM1425BA02
RVM1425BA03, RVM1425WA004, RVM1425WA01
RVM1425WA02, RVM1425WA03, RVM1435BD001
RVM1435BD002, RVM1435BD002, RVM1435BH001
RVM1435BH001, RVM1435WD001, RVM1435WD002
RVM1435WD002, RVM1435WD002, RVM1435WH001, RVM1435WH001
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GE WB39X10003 Cooking Tray for Microwave features

  • WB39X10003
  • 12-1/2-Inch overall diameter
  • 10-1/4-Inch diameter of turntable track
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Genuine GE factory part

GE WB39X10003 Cooking Tray for Microwave best price

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